build own loyalty program

Build Your Own Loyalty Program

Set up your business account within 5 minutes with Engage Back Office. Personalized your loyalty program to stand out among the rest.


Set up and launch your very own Loyalty Program in just 10 minutes. A personalized loyalty program developed
specifically to engage customers with tailored benefits, catered to his or her specific needs.


Express your business through
images, videos and link


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Get your customers to participate
in achieving in-store benefits


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Surprise your customer with
occasion based reward


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Collect & Track Customer Data

Monitor the progress of your Loyalty Program through our Live Customers and Analytic page. Seamlessly re-angle your customer engagements to increase in store spending and visits.

Engage Metric

Too busy to analyze your data? Uncertain who is your loyal customer?


PERFECT! We have a foolproof solution just for you. Engage Metric visualizes your in-store data determining which customer is loyal or dormant then strategically re-engaging them with tailored offerings to encourage repeated store spending’s.

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Your Business App

Your Business App is just as powerful as the Back Office. You can design and launch customer retention strategies straight from your mobile.


On a holiday? Worry not, you can even monitor real time performance such as live page, live customers and analytic overview wherever you are.


Your staff can even use it to transfer and redeem engagements.