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Purchase a 1 years subscription to use it FOREVER.


You don’t just get a lifetime subscription but also company shares with a forecast potential 10x growth as BONUS.

This is possible all thanks to our latest Equity Crowdfunding campaign

Have you been looking around for an affordable loyalty program for your business? Or didn’t know how effective is it in building your business? 


In this webinar, you’ll be learning how businesses around the world are benefiting from Engage and how it can increase sales by up to 20% after 3 months of usage. 


Here’s what you’ll be benefiting from:

  • Tips and tricks on how to increase sales by 20%
  • Ability to create up to 388 loyalty programs or more (no extra charges)
  • 10x your investment in us in just 5 years


7th October (Wednesday) | 9PM – 10pm

What is ENGAGE?

We provide affordable ownership of high-interactive digital loyalty solutions like Starbucks Rewards to global SME retailers while enabling them to target their in-store customers by engaging them with personalized rewards based on their individual offline analytics.

Since we are going to be asked…

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Are you eligible for it?

About the speaker:

It’s a LIVE webinar where you will be able to ask any questions. Ask them anything!


Yap Zhen Yang



  • Entrepreneur for 10 Years
  • F&B Retail Owner
  • Raised over  RM3 Mil
  • Inventor and Patent owner

Cheryl Lee



  • Heads User Interface and PR
  • In charge for UI/UX, multimedia & product development
  • Leads overall operations 

What do you get from joining this webinar?

You’ll be getting first hand answers we gave to our most successful clients, such as…

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What’s the benefit of owning a loyalty program?



Do you know that it’s 6X cheaper to convince your existing customers to spend compared to new ones. Growing you loyal customer is the key to success

Why is now the best time to participate?



Don’t get left out as your competitions are realizing the importance of retaining their customers.

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But why Engage?



Engage is the only solution which allows unlimited customization without additional cost. Did we mention that your campaign will be unique and exclusive to you only.

To proof that we’re not a scam, here’s some awards we’ve received

ASEAN Rice Bowl Award 2019

Best AI/Machine Learning Startup

Selangor Accelerator Program 2019

Top Startup

Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator 2019

Pioneering Startup for Cyberjaya Smart City

Here’s what the media have to say about us


Investors can now own shares in this startup that solves customer retention for retailers.


Engage Blink aims to help 30k+ retail businesses go digital; looking to expand with investment partners.


Acquiring and retaining customers became a challenge as businesses threw in...


Rather than focusing on customer acquisition solutions, Engage offers AI powered customer...

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